Diverse Staffing Solutions’ office is based in Centurion and our vast candidate database hosts candidates from all over South Africa.

When we screen candidates we insure that area specific is one of our key criteria when target screening, specifically for our Clients that are based in Gauteng and major City Centres nationally. We do not have international presence.

We assure you of our uncompromising selection standards and our speed and accuracy in sending you the best available candidates.

We offer the following services:

  • Temporary Recruitment: When you need staff to cover extra workload, or fill in for another employee.
  • Fix Term Contracts: Offers experienced Candidates on a contract basis to fulfil our Clients’ short to long-term requirements on a fixed term period.
  • Permanent Recruitment: Fully supports the preferred Employer, talent attraction and retention strategies of its Clients to ensure a sound return on a Company’s people investment.
  • Reference and various background checks (ITC, Criminal Record, etc.)

Our placement rates are highly competitive and tailored to each individual Client and our focus is on service, and getting a Candidate who will be an ASSET to your Company for a long time to come, hence WE DO NOT CV PUSH, we offer advice based on the current Candidate market, in terms of compatibility of salary offered and required skills required.

Diverse Staffing started the business by focusing on Office Support and Financial positions; but it was not long before our Clients were requesting us to assist them with other positions within their organization, as our Clients represent a large spectrum of industries. We learnt a long time ago, that our Clients are looking for an Agent who will specialise in their needs. Diverse Staffing prides itself in doing just this and that is why once a client, always a client…

Staffing Positions:

Our vast Candidate Database (more than 1 260 000 active CV’s at our finger tips) has enabled us to successfully place in the following fields:

Table of jobs

Diverse Staffing Solutions is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all applicants regardless of race, religion, colour, sex or national origin; and does so in accordance with Labour Law policies. All orders for personnel are reviewed and filled solely on the basis of job-related qualifications.

Legal Compliance:

Diverse Staffing Solutions is an Exempted Micro-Enterprise (EME): with Annual Total Revenue of R5 million or less, and therefore Diverse Staffing Solutions is deemed to have a BBBEE Status of Level 4 Contributor.

Diverse Staffing Solutions pays all required taxes, such as:

  • PAYE (Pay as You Earn)
  • SDL (Skills Development Levy)
  • UIF (Unemployment Fund)
  • VAT
  • Company Taxes

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